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 Things So Far!

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PostSubject: Things So Far!   Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:49 pm

Okay, this is for all the visiters and new members. An account of what's been happening so far.

The year is 2045. The level of technology is only like ten or so years above ours.

Hyrule isn't common knowledge (meaning no Legend of Zelda games, or even many games/manga characters are based on), as are most of the realms based off of video games, anime/cartoons or manga/comics.

The planet Vegeta is still around as are most of the Saiyans. Z-Fighters aren't common knowledge.

Demons, Angels and most forms of non-humans on Earth, aren't commonly known.

Zoanthropes (humans who can change into animal/human hybrid) are commonly known and are treated with fear, loathing and hatred.

There was a battle in 1999 inwhich Dracual (from the Castlevania games) was finally destroyed, which also isn't common knowledge.

Lee and Dino have gone public and have opened, to the general public (those who can afford it), U.S.S.R. 'Universal Subspace Storage and Retrieval'. It's exactly what it sounds like. A system set up to store and retrieve many items by way of subspace I.D. tags (doesn't work on living things).

Most militaries now use generic types of virtuoids, giant mechs that can be piloted by way of a virtual reality simulator, (the most common would be RVR-39 Apharmd B <close range combat>, RVR-33 Apharmd S <ranged combat>, RVR-42 Cypher <fast and good mid to long range, bad armor>, and HBV-502 Raiden <big, strong, deadly long range, slow>) as their main stays in wars (depending on the region).

Mystics are commonly known now and have an embassy in Tokyo, but their realm remains closed to the general public.
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Things So Far!
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