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 Character Bio

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PostSubject: Character Bio   Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:50 pm

Character Name: Characters Name
Alias: Like a nickname or something else they may go by.
Apparent Age: Age, or how old they look.
Race: What matter of being are they?
Height: Height
Weight: Their weight
Gender: Male or Female?
Physical Description: What they look like. An picture or description will work.
Known Relatives: Known relatives.
Religion: What they believe in
What learned skills(not powers) your character has learned. Please list
the more out of the ordinary special skills(I.E. how to make guns or
swords etc)
Abilities: Things
your character can do naturally or by other means. If its like an power,
then it needs to be treated as such.(I.E Flight on wings would require
none, but enhanced senses would Or the ability to sense energy.)
Alignment: Their alignment. Can be good, evil or neutral as well as any combination o the three.
Personality: Character's general personality and mannerisms.
Powers: A characters powers. For example, if they had control over fire or wheather manipulation.
Restrictions:For every power there Must be some sort of drawback or at least explain
the extent of said powers.
Weapons and Precious Items: Characters precious items.
Phobias: What they fear the most
Illnesses: Illness they may have.
Sexual Preferences: What gender your character is attracted to.
Occupation: What your character does.
History: Their history, at least a few lines. No history, no approval.
Status: Alive or dead, for now.
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Character Bio
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