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 Race Format

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PostSubject: Race Format   Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:52 pm

Name: The Name of the race
Type: The type, see race guidelines(others can be used)
Size: The size, tiny, meduim, large, etc. See race guidelines.
General Description: Just a brief idea about the race itself
Origin: Where they are said to come from.
Alignment: Typical(or rather average) alignment of the race if any
Home Lands: Just give an idea of what their home lands are like, whatever that may be.
Language: Typical languages they might start off with, though naturally English might as well be an given unless stated otherwise, along with their native tongue. If they have any.
Personality: Most sentient races have individual personalities, though with some races certain traits are known to appear.
Physical Description: Here is just putting an example what they look like. Do they look like normal humans? Plant-looking people? It's also a good idea to put their average height and weight if its abnormal in some way.
Life-Span: The life expectancy of the race.
Name: Typical names of their culture. Are they based more on human culture names, or something a bit more unique?
Relations: How they get along and deal with other races, generally.
Natural Power Set: In short, the natural abilties and powers of the race they can learn on their own.
Status: Open or closed. Are they open to anyone, or closed just to you?
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Race Format
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