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 Temjin (flight mode)

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PostSubject: Temjin (flight mode)   Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:30 pm

Vehicle Name: Tenjin FM (flight mode)
Faction: Personally owned
Height: 4.5 meters (15.0 feet)
Length: 10.6 meters (about 35 feet)
Physical Appearance: Temjin FM
Weight: 7.62 tons (without weapons), 20.3 tons (with weapons)
Power Systems: Virtual Infinite Energy Generator
Type: Interplantary Fighter
Abilities: Self Repair system, Full remote systems control, Sub-space transportation system.
Speed: Combat Speed - Mach 3, Flight Speed - Sub-Light.
Defensive Systems: Dinoium armor plating
Crew: 1
Levels: N/A
Equipment: Twin vernier thruster pods, Rudimentary spin-drive A.I. system, Multi spectrum audio/visual scanners.
Cargo Hold: N/A
Weapon Systems: Beam Cannon. Temjin's Beam Launcher becomes the main weapon on Temin FM form.

Maximum Effective Range: Half mile for rapid fire.

Rate Of Fire: Rapid fire.

Payload: Unlimited, but after a minuet of continuous fire, Beam Launcher will need to recharge. Recharge time - 15 seconds. (caution! Beam Launcher rifle prone to overheating).
* *
Weapon Systems: Options - Temjin's Power Bombs become Options when in flight mode. Options are orbs of energy that follow Temjin FM and can shield from damage or deal it.

Maximum Effective Range: Fifty foot from Temjin FM. They can be moved by the pilot in different formations.

Rate Of Fire: Rapid (fires the same thing at Temjin FM's main weapon)

Payload: Three at a time may be used at once. The more damage they take, the more they collapse on themselves until they are destroyed.
* *
Weapon Systems: Crystal Shields

Maximum Effective Range: Melee Range

Rate Of Fire: A defense system of Temjin FM that surrounds the ship in a partical energy field.

Payload: Unlimited - When Temjin FM stays static for a minute, the energy for the shield gathers. It only lasts a short while when Temjin FM sharts moving or fires, but it can't be breached by normal energy weapons.
History: In addition to the normal Mech mode of Temjin, Lee and Dino had upgraded it with a Flight Mode for arial and space combat. As before, Ness can personally or remote pilot the Temjin FM.
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Temjin (flight mode)
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